1. Development

    Organizations have varied processes and it is very likely that software which caters to their specific needs is not readily available in the market. The end customer demands have grown and competitive pressures have increased significantly. Here is where custom software application development provides a solution to the enterprises in meeting their requirements.

  2. mobile development

    With the tremendous and continuous increase in the number of mobile phone users accessing the Internet on their hand-helds, it is crucially important for the website owners to get a mobile version for their websites. At Codebees we are sure that mobile websites would give unique online identity for businesses around the world and increase their audience greatly.


    Codebees, LLC (est. 2006), addresses the demanding needs of U.S.-based organizations for complete enterprise software solutions delivered at a value that makes sense in today's economy. Our advantage that differentiates us among other outsourced solutions providers is our blend of seasoned architecture and project management expertise in the U.S and Singapore coupled tightly with our senior implementation team in India.

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