Organizations have varied processes and it is very likely that software which caters to their specific needs is not readily available in the market. The end customer demands have grown and competitive pressures have increased significantly. Here is where custom software application development provides a solution to the enterprises in meeting their requirements.

We at Codebees possess a decade of market leading expertise in Outsourced Product Development. We enable our customers in the software products and Internet industry to accelerate (time-to-market) the launch of their new/improved products & solutions through our Web 2.0, Microsoft, iOS, CRM/Microsoft Dynamics, Business Intelligence and SOA frameworks.

Codebees Technologies has a well-defined development process that covers all aspects of the software development life cycle. Our software quality management program ensures that each phase of the SDLC undergoes peer & expert reviews, controls and check points embedded in the development process.

Customer Challenges

  • Evolving business & technology requirements
  • Solution to address gaps in functional processes
  • Collaboration of different tools & technologies to develop an optimal solution
  • Interoperability and easy User Interface (UI) requirements

Codebees's Offerings

  • In-depth understanding of customer requirements & business objectives
  • Proven expertise in varied skills/platforms such as Client/Server, Cloud computing, web servers & database management, CRM, Mobile Development and Business Intelligence.
  • Flawless execution through varied models such as Conventional Waterfall, Agile methodology and the collaborated (Onsite/Offshore/AOM) model
  • Continued focus on quality through Quality Assurance for every design/development activity – helps identify defects in the early stages of the SDLC

Business value to the Customer

  • Increased Retrun on Investment (ROI) through efficiencies in business process cycles
  • Lower maintenance & support costs through quality deliverables
  • Better integration of the business model and the services by technology expertise