Our Approach

Our impressive client retention rates and long-term relationships give us the confidence to invest early in understanding our client’s business goals and challenges. Codebees customized roadmap is designed to move clients across the analytics maturity quadrant, allowing us to grow with our customers as their digital acumen increases.

At Codebees, we believe passionately that essential advantage lies within and that a few differentiating capabilities drive any organization’s identity and success. We work with our clients to discover and build those strengths and capture the market opportunities where they can earn the right to win.

Highest quality software delivery

Codebees is a leading custom software development firm that specializes in delivering large scale application development projects using various technologies with emphasis on cloud computing and enterprise integration.

Mobile development

We help businesses leverage the mobile to create a go-to-market, reach a vast audience, boost brands and transform business processes. With Competitor analysis, Payment gateway integrations, GPS, Accelerometer, positioning, marketing messaging, customer feedback features, billing, and integrations are some of the areas we help apart from creating top-quality technology for your solutions.

KidEngage is a discovery and engagement platform designed to enable holistic child development, by offering services to parents, schools, activity centers and other service providers.


Priceposts helps you to find the services and classes you want and conveniently book your slot online. One can communicate with Vendors and Service Providers with ease using Priceposts.

Our Clients

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vCom Solutions

Complete IT Spend and Lifecycle Management


The connected supply chain. Moving as one.


midcenturyLA imports mid-century modern furniture from Denmark and Sweden for sale in United States.

St. Elizabeth

We provide comprehensive and compassionate care that improves the health of the people we serve.


Discover the best Delight your kids


What makes an Oilstop oil change better?


Every All-Star Has A Great Coach. We've Got Yours.


STRiVE – Skills, Training and research in Vocational Education Services (I) Pvt Ltd.

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