The telecommunications industry is facing a state of flux due to rapidly evolving technologies, increase in demand, global diversity of its customer base, demand for new products and services at lower prices and the merging of various industries like cable and satellite with traditional telecommunications. Codebees has offered various technology and domain specific solutions to telecommunications industry players over the years, spanning from telecom operators, equipment providers, software providers, content providers as well as allied service providers. Some of the specifics are

Service Providers

Our service provider customers range from traditional landline telco’s, long distance and data communications providers, to Mobile Network Operators (MNO), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO) and VOIP service providers. Some of our projects for this segment include:

  • Order management, fulfillment and billing for a large telecommunications service provider
  • Deployment of specialized wireless services module on a traditional telecommunication switch for the wireless division of a large telecommunications service provider
  • Feature enhancement of a billing system for a telecommunications service provider
  • Deployment of a network management system and traffic analyzer for a telecommunications service provider
  • Deployment of a VOIP provisioning and billing system for a telecommunications service provider
Equipment Vendors
  • Enhancements and testing of different modules of a large telecommunications switch, used by telecom operators worldwide
  • Interoperability and performance testing of carrier side switching equipment as per the specifications provided by a potential telecom operator customer
  • Development of additional features for a network management system for a channel multiplexor manufacturer
  • Design and development of a console user interface for a central switch manufacturer
  • Design and development of a system to show ERP data and alerts on a GPRS enabled cellular phone for a major cell phone manufacturer
Telecom Software Vendors
  • Design, development, testing, support and implementations of an extended services administrative module for a wireless gateway software company
  • Development, testing and implementations of different modules and network management components for a VOIP provisioning software company
  • Design and development of a network management module for a telecom software company, which produces software to speed up the network traffic in wireless networks
  • Module and integration testing of several modules for a software company, which produces billing software that focuses on internet service providers


Codebees offers a smooth one-stop service, from Procurement Logistics, optimizing the logistics required in product manufacturing processes, to Distribution Logistics, streamlining the product transport flow to ensure safe delivery to the end user.

Codebees offers incomparable “strategic logistics,” combining distinctive information systems, logistics infrastructure and transport modes. This was achieved only by discarding conventional transport methods restricted by national and industrial boundaries and creating a path toward a logistics environment that optimizes each company’s assets.

Our strong presence and expertise in logistics has provided digital transformation across the value chain.

Digital Media and Advertising

We provide end-to-end technology solutions to address the business imperatives which helps digital media and advertising companies strengthening the relationship with customers. Today, media and advertising industries have come up through a transformational shift to adjust to digitally savvy customer needs.

The advent of technology revolution is managed for digital media and advertising clients for digitalization, multi-platform content management, distribution, social media integration, security, data analytics, merchandising whilst reducing operational cost and improving operational efficiency.

We are well acquainted with the core of digital media industry and offer the following differentiated services for the digital media industry partners:

1. Branding

2. Social Media Marketing

3. Digital Asset Management

4. Search Engine Optimization

5. Digital Content Management

6. Campaign Planning and Management

7. Product Launch Strategy

8. Rights Management

9. Business Intelligence

10. Mobile Enablement

11. Reporting and Insights

Banking and Financial services

Banking and Financial IT Services industry boundaries are blurring as connectivity between devices expands—enough to reshape not only individual companies, but entire markets. Pioneering enterprises are tapping into a broader array of partners and markets to craft new and engaging customer experiences, tackle challenges and create new lines of business in ways never before possible. Where the progression and new possibilities of partnerships and collaboration can yield growth and profitability enabled by digital technology. Those that capitalize on the new technology trends in smart ways can make big bets toward their future.

Data is growing at a tremendous rate with increase in digital universe. Banking and Financial services firms are transforming organically to handle the Big Data challenges.

At Codebees we enable enterprises to modernize the technology infrastructure and help to leverage automation to become more efficient. Codebees help Banks and Financial services firms for digital world transformation with solutions and services that improves business processes, increase operational efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership and risk.

At Codebees, we specialize in

1. Payments

2. Foreign Exchange

3. Investment Banking

4. Non-Banking Financial Services

5. Retail Banking

Health and Social Care

Codebees can help healthcare organizations transform processes and reduce costs, while complying with regulations. Codebees does this with a focus on quality and superior patient outcomes. We can support healthcare organizations in delivering superior evidence-based and patient-centric healthcare. Codebees can enhance the clinical and administrative systems of customers to deliver more connected and integrated healthcare solutions. Our healthcare solutions help customers meet the demands of a new economic and regulatory paradigm. We can reduce inefficiencies, increase business performance, and enhance the ability of healthcare organizations to manage the health of their customers.

Codebees partners with life sciences organizations on advanced technology engagements as well as on strategic sourcing. Our experience in the new digital technologies like Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud help us tailor innovative solutions for our clients. Our deep domain expertise enables Codebees to deliver cost-effective compliance and IT infrastructure services. This enhances the life sciences industry’s ability to deliver higher value to shareholders and innovative healthcare to patients.